Quarry & Cutting Process

Marble&Travertine is quarried from the underground in blocks. The marble&travertine mine,which has been quarried in large blocks and made suitable for commercial use, can find its place in all kinds of living spaces, even in cemeteries. Various steps are required to process marble.Travertine&marble quarried from the mine is of suitable size…

Splitting Process

Marble and travertine splitting process starts with raw materials. The high quality and durability of the raw material is the primary priority on this process.Raw materials, which are generally 3.4 cm thick for veneers, are carefully splitted by our qualified workers.And the semi-finished products are selected according to the marks and colors on the surface of our selection personnel. Monthly splitface production can reach up to 5000 m2 with 15 people.In general, the exported countries are France, Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Israel.


According to our company, the most important ingredient for Ledgerstone is adhesive. Our company has been using LPM which is a unique adhesive for 8 years. You can see the specifications of LPM in ledgerstone section. This adhesive is developed making it resistant to harsh weather conditions.


Ledgerstone is one of our main productions. We can load up to 6 containers per month. Thanks to our qualified staff, we have developed many products with special dimensions for our customers. And we have made the features of the product more prominent with the printed boxes for companies. We export these products especially to Germany, USA and Canada.