Our entry to Marble sector started in 2000. My father,Mehmet Mirzamli begun to transportation to the sector by buying a truck. We have come to a good point by taking solid and sustainable steps in this business. Our company even continues to transport currently.


Success is more about applauding rather than producing applaudable results.We first started our marble factory in 2011. Our main goal is to become a company that produces stones abroad. We have made various investments in the sector to innovate and differentiate our products and to gain the place of quality and trust in the minds of our customers.


We made our first export to CANADA. This has shown that we can work hard to export our products all over the world and establish strong cooperation.Based on this, we became a company exporting to 15 countries of the world. ‘‘BUILD THE IMAGINARY PERFECTION ‘‘, which is the slogan we have chosen for ourselves, summarizes this aim.